Lighting can transform a ballroom, bringing your dreams to life.

It can set the tone of your wedding or other event in a way that no other decor element can. How do you want the room to feel? Warm? Romantic? Bright? Or do you just love pink and want everything to be pink? We can accomplish anything you desire.

The right lighting is what will make your wedding day truly memorable, both for you and your guests. You want your guests to walk into your wedding service or reception saying “WOW!”. We can help you create an event that you and your guest will forever remember and cherish.

ClancyPresident, Critters For The Cure
We celebrated our 10th anniversary and Ravi provided the uplighting for a gigantic ballroom. It made all the difference in the world, creating an inviting mood… truly made the room POP. I didn't know what I didn't know, never using uplighting before, but this was a great way warm up a ballroom. I'm now a big fan and plan to always use their uplighting expertise in all future events.

LED Up Lighting

Uplighting can take an ordinary room and make it amazing. We have been told countless times over the years by our clients how impressed they are with the dramatic change lighting made to their wedding. The right lighting can completely change the atmosphere of your wedding.

We work directly with your decorator to match the color to your theme or overall look.

We are also one of the few companies who offer 100% wireless uplighting. Our lights have a very high powered battery inside them (capable of lasting over 14 hours!) and also have wireless DMX built-in. We can control the lights wirelessly and change the color of the entire room in a split second! That means you won’t see any messy cords coming from our lights. Also, we can place them wherever we think will look best without having to worry about getting power to them.

Custom Monogram & Decal

A monogram is a nice way to add a personal touch to the lighting for your event. We will work with you to create a design that includes any elements you would like–your names, initials, wedding date, or anything else you would like. Then we will use a special light to project the image wherever you’d like at your wedding–on the dance floor, a wall, or even outside the venue so your guests see it as they arrive.

We also provide custom Dance Floor Decals. We can work with your design or help your create your own.

Intelligent Lighting

Moving Head Spotlight

Moving head Yokes or Intelligent Scanners are the most versitile lights in our arsenal.  Set up on Vertical or Horizontal Trusses and skirted for a elegant look,

these lights can be used as:

1.) Spotlights : highlight those special moments such as your first dance, grand entrance or speeches. They can project a spot from great distances.

2.)  Gobo or Monogram Projector : Project either your monogram or different images/patterns anywhere in the ballroom. Keep them static or have them rotate and move.

3.) Dance Floor Lighting : Once your dance floor opens, these lights create an atmosphere that is guaranteed to get your guests on the floor.

Moving Heads are controlled by computer or DMX Controller, allowing to create a custom look tailored to your event theme.

Other Lighting Services

We also provide the following Lighting and Visual Services for events:

  • Textured Patterns
  • Pin Spots
  • Stage Wash
  • Fog Machine
  • Low Lying Fog
  • Confetti Canons
  • LED Dancefloor

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